Komodo And Flores Tours

Komodo island & Flores Official Tour Operator. Provides all Adventurous and Leisures, including Diving and Snorkeling around Komodo Island and Flores. We're one of Indonesia's Travel and Tour Operator market leading having business focusing in the promotion and presentation of Indonesia's Tourism richness to the world wide community. The astounding offers where Indonesia is seen as the Asia's perfect tourist destination, now delivered through an Internet online provided by floreskomodotours.com, Indonesia's Travel Agency and Expert Tour Operator company. Our Special Offer to Visit the Komodo dragon and Flores Indonesia has been made peoples surprised with its unique Monitor Lizard, Komodo Dragon..,Volcanoes,Cultures,Landscapes,And Other Marine Ecosystem. The original habitat of the biggest lizard,Considered as the last of the Monitor Lizard on this earth ! Komodo National Park offers its beautiful landscape, take you close with a touch of unspoiled Nature. Komodo, Padar and Rinca, which together formed the Komodo National Park, is a protected wildlife reserve by the Indonesian Government. Komodo tours to Komodo National Park have been most wanted travel destination in the world, In the Island of East Nusatenggara shaped by the power and force of an enormous chain of mountain, volcanoes and monsoon forest, home for the wild giant lizard (komodo Dragon) in the world. We offer you best direction to have experience in the island of Komodo and Rinca, our packages will suit you to the enjoyable adventure, find the best dive sites on planet, and our service will give you the best satisfaction and more.